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Thank you for sharing your Prompts. We have three prompts now, but we are still needing two more. If someone have a different prompt, please share. I understand that there are five prompts every three months for all Florida.

1.The school board is implementing a healthier food choice at school to help fight obesity in children. Advantages and disadvantages of providing healthier choices

2. Two strategies institutions can use to prevent plagiarism with students using the internet for research

3. "Teachers are evaluated on four performance levels: highly effective, effective, needs improvement, and unsatisfactory. Using these four performance levels, analyze the benefits and challenges of evaluating an effective teacher.



Please help.
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Onlyguideyouneed If you browse the other posts you will see it.
aagg Many people rely on organizations of political, religious, or other groups. Explain two challenges that these representatives face when meeting obligations with their members.
aagg 5) Many companies are offering stress reduction, exercise or health education. Evaluate the costs and benefits of such programs.
Teresa2000 Hello! How can I approach the benefits and challenges of evaluating an effective teacher? Thank you.
aagg 6) Evaluate the pros and cons of reading traditional books instead of using the interenet to browse the pass time.

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