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I currently work at a charter school as the Ed Specialist for 9th grade where we implement the push-in method to support our students. There are 3 of us who have our own caseloads to manage but we dont have any paras or IAs. We have students who require Intensive Individualized Support (IIS) services, which they would receive from a one-on-one aid at the middle school. However, when they transferred to the high school, they did not come with their aids. We were told that the Ed Specialist can serve the minutes on top of already serving SAI and BIS minutes. This has caused an abundance of stress being that the total number of minutes to be served a week for all students on our caseload is more than the actual minutes in the school week.

My question is this: One-on-ones/paras/IAs should be the ones serving the IIS minutes, not the Education Specialist correct??

Thank you.

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