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Hi, im Max from France.

Im married to Stephanie who is a french teacher in Lyon, France. We are travelling to NYC in April 2023 and in that context we are looking for some interactions with teachers network in that city.

We are in love with NYC as we use to live nearby during years and we want our kids to discover it in 2023. We think we have an opportunity to exchange with teacher network to try to know how teaching to young kids (6-10) is in your country and moreover we would like to meet children to eventually proceed to letters exchanges with our kids and maybe with the class later on... This is only ideas but this is also a call to any teacher located in NYC to exchange with french people (english speaking).

Please let me know your thoughts.

jeniffer Hi, Max could you post your email, please. I leave my reatejeniffer@gmail.com
Sep 17, 2022

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