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There's no denying ChatGPT is making waves at the moment, and educators are already exploring its many possibilities and limitations. It's not likely to take your job any time soon, but here are some alternatives that may be even better suited than ChatGPT for use in school and education settings.

SchoolAI: A specialised AI writing tool designed specifically for education, able to write any kind of document you might need for a school, from reports to brainstorms, and lesson plans to letters to parents. As the only AI writer focused towards school and education use, the results are impressive and the simple interface makes it very easy to use. The new personalisation features will be very interesting to see when released. Free for 50 writes, 12 USD per month for unlimited. https://www.schoolai.co/

Jasper: A versatile AI writing solution with a user-friendly interface and integration capabilities, but not as tailored to education as SchoolAI. The results are great, how...See More

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