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Good morning everyone! I just wanted to stop by here to help out in anymore I am able to. When I took my GKT reading last year in August of 2022. I stating following Miss RadNDOm7 and priscella_ramirez on Quizlet. I studied and memorize all 15 passages.Out of the 15 I got in the following passages in this order, Day of the Dead, Food Additives, James Buchanan, and Slow Fires.

This past January 2023 I passed my GKT Grammar and followed Karen4ever and studied and memorized all 221 questions. I on the grammar I saw half of the questions I studied and passed my test. Thanks to them and their resources I have been able to pass my tests.

With that being said. I believe we should try and post ever so often to help one another. At least, before the end of the months. I totally understand that everyone has a hectic life. I am a firm believer if we help each out with resources, everyone will accomplish their goals. I hope I helped in someway by posting this information. Have a...See More
Sancal1 Hello, for the grammar, did you follow karen4ever on quizlet? Can you please help me find her? Thank you so much for sharing this information.
Mar 20, 2023

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