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Hi Everyone,
Here I go again, wanting to 'tweak' my writing block
organization a bit! I am on five years of 4 blocks, and
each year, I never feel my writing block is organized

Can you guys provide some suggestions for:

1. How do your children organize their writing notebooks?
I have used a 3 ring binder for several years and divided
it into 3 sections: writing tools, work in progress, and
then completed pieces. No matter what, the notebboks seem
in disarray. How often do your children purge their
notebooks, etc.? I just need some tips!
2. Also, how do you organize your writing centers? I want
to have various graphic organizers I've introduced,
special writing papers, etc at the kiddos fingertips, but
I need some ideas on how to do this without making my
writing center crowded and chaotic.

I would love if some of you would share some ideas! PLEASE!
Thanks a lot,
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