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My indpendent school is going to start the process of
implementing curriculum-- which it has never done in 50
years-- so you can imagine the fight from some of the of
the teachers who have been there 15-30 years!!! Well, I
think the 4 blocks would be perfect, as much of it is very
similar to what we already do... We already do reading and
writers workshop, and this has been an unpoken curriculum
since the school was founded... much in the big blocks
style, though mini-lessons would be new, because with kids
under about 7 our school does very little whole group
instruction outside of Morning Meeting.

Anyway, I am hoping that this will flow easily into our
progressive classrooms. I don't think anyone at our school
would do 90 minutes of instruction... nor would they want
to be told to do this. As it is now, with a much more
integrated program... I couldn't say how many minutes
people spend on one thing at a t...See More

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