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Do everyone reccomend 6 + 1 trait writing for grading high
school essays? Is there any research available that
suggests it enhances student writing?

Thank You,
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Paula /blockquote>

Which book would you recommend for a teacher new to this
approach in Grades 6 or 7?


On 3/23/06, mar wrote:
> It was first started as a program for high school. I think
> that is where it is most effective
> On 3/11/06, Rachel wrote:
>> Do everyone reccomend ...See More
Mar 23, 2006
Ginny /blockquote>

for several reasons.

1. She addresses what writing should be at the different grade
levels with sample work even through high school.

2. She provides ideas to solve problems in writing.

3. She shares management ideas.

This of course, as she teaches you about Six Traits. It is a
gr...See More
Apr 2, 2006
Peter Bellamy /blockquote>

The Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory has developed a
modified scoring guide based on the traits that specifically
addresses nonfiction (expository/persuasive) writing for
middle and high school. It can be used for content area
writing too. Their website is [link removed].
Apr 25, 2006
Mae in Texas /blockquote>

In a synthesis of writing research paper, George Hillocks
found that using scales (rubrics like six traits) to assess
and guide instruction improves the quality of student writing.
He looked at 2000 studies and lined them up against a criteria
and categorized them. 6 traits is appropriate for ALL writing ...See More
Apr 25, 2006
Dani /blockquote>

I'm also in search of some hard research evidence that 6+1
trait writing actually improves student's writing
acheivments. Were you able to find any research articles or

On 3/11/06, Rachel wrote:
> Do everyone reccomend 6 + 1 trait writing for grading high
> school essays? Is the...See More
Jun 19, 2006

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