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OK I am hoping that maybe someone else will find this site
that is also Deaf and teaching hearing students.

I am getting very frustrated with the hearing students I
am teaching. They get mad that I can't hear them so don;t
respond when they call my name over and over and over
again. I have told them I am Deaf but due to excellent
oral skills they do not believe me and are constantly
doing things to try and prove I can hear them and getting
mad beacuse I don;t respond when they talk to me when I am
not looking at them.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Any ideas??????

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Tizzy /blockquote>

>> Is this happening to anyone else?

You may try this. Buy (or get donated from a local factory)
the foam ear protectors. Have them put them in their ears and
see how well they can understand their friends by speech
reading and hand motions. Make it a fun thing.
Oct 29, 2007
Seana /blockquote>

Hi Kadi,

I teach 7-12 grade I am the only science teacher in a small
school on rez. Last year I was at an inner city type school
teaching 8th grade only.

I go in at the start of the year and I explain to students
about my disabilities (I have several unfortunately). I model
for them good be...See More
Nov 1, 2007
Kadi /blockquote>

Hi Seana,
Sounds like you've done the right things in making sure they know
what to do & not do in communicating with you. Now it becomes a
discipline issue like any other.
Do you know which kids are starting the problem? Parent contact?
If "respect" is in your rules, there's the place to implement the...See More
Nov 5, 2007
koala /blockquote>


How does your principal take your disablity? I am hard of hearing
since birth. My last principal made my life extreamly difficult to
the point I quit. I also was teaching science. I have trouble
hearing where sound are comming from so I don't always catch who
is talking. How do you do youer l...See More
Nov 30, 2007
Seana /blockquote>

My principal this year is very good about it, he has said I can have
whatever I need, we moved a smart board into my room but
unfortuantely it isn't hooked up yet so I am still using the white
board. My principal last year refused to even try to look my
direction when talking to me making it impossible to sp...See More
Dec 2, 2007

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