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First of all I just want to thank all of you who regularly respond to our questions on these message boards. DoDDS is exciting but can be a painfully confusing system at times and it's great to have veterans who are willing to take time out of their day to help people like me who are new to the system. Thanks so much!

I have a few somewhat unrelated questions about overseas living if anyone could assist me.

I heard from a friend in the military (not in DoDDS) that DoDDS teachers do not need to pay federal, state, or local taxes. I heard that we're only required to pay sales taxes for purchases made off base. Already DoDDS teachers have some of the best salaries in the country when accounting for housing allowances in addition to decent salaries, but having no taxes in addition to that seems almost too good to be true. What taxes are DoDDS teachers required to pay?

I'm also interested in what credit cards are best for overseas ...See More
Teach I most definitely paid federal and state (NC) taxes while teaching in Okinawa. I recently filled out federal and state withholding forms for my new position in Japan. It can be difficult for teachers to purchase homes overseas, but some do. Space A has a priority system, so civilians are likely to be low priority, and the flights are often hard to ...See More
Jun 18, 2017
anotherteacher Thanks for the info. Is Navy Federal Credit Union open to civilians as well? Also, for tax purposes, since you're living overseas, are you allowed to claim any state as your residence?
Jun 18, 2017
Teach I believe you have to establish residency in a state to use that state for tax purposes. I believe that any DOD civilians can join Navy Federal now.
Jun 18, 2017
Happy Teacher Yes, you can join NFCU as a DoD employee.

Taxes are absolutely something you must pay. If your home state has no taxes, you don't pay state taxes. I have seen many, many people say that you don't have to pay any taxes as a DoDEA teacher and it's simply not true.

You do need to establish residency, and each state has its own laws ...See More
Jun 18, 2017
Mary As for buying a house. This is easier in some countries than in others. In Japan, it is nearly impossible to get a loan, so you would have to pay the full amount up front. Also, after the 10 years, you are only reimbursed for the utilities. If you are still stationed in the same location, even if you sell your home, you may not be provided a housin...See More
Jun 19, 2017

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