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I had an interview for a stateside position almost a month ago, and it went very well. I have been on pins and needles waiting for a response, and tody I received an email that stated the following:

"Dear Applicant,

Your application is currently being reviewed. You will need to re-upload your current teaching certificate as soon as possible because the attachment could not be opened. "

Does this mean that HR is processing my application? I sure hope that is what this means, because I am so eager to start. Anyone have any insight?
haha It sounds promising but you never know until you get the offer.
Oct 12, 2017
teacherlife62411 Haha, I got the offer letter! the only thing I'm concerned about now is the reference that my old principal might give me because we didn't get along and he Non reappointed me. there's no more tenure in Florida. I taught at that school for 4 years with all stellar evaluations, but when he took over he didn't like the and nonreappointed me. The way ...See More
Oct 12, 2017
someday Were you nonreappointed for performance or for reasons other than performance. That makes a difference. If it wasn't for performance than you weren't technically fired. I have worked several grant positions that I have known are only one year gigs and the principal gives me a letter of nonreappointment. I wasn't fired or forced to resign. I am just...See More
Oct 12, 2017
teacherlife62411 No. It was that he didn't like me. I actually told him that I wasn't coming back the following year, and then decided not to take the new job, and he made up his mind that I wasn't very loyal. It definitely wasn't for performance reasons because all of my evaluations were very good. The other assistant principals were shocked that he did that. It w...See More
Oct 12, 2017

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