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Hi! I was offered a teacher position in Iwakuni on September 20 and filled out all the initial paperwork the next day. I am still waiting on a contact regarding a background check. I heard they were backlogged but is this normal? How long does the process normally take? Thank you!
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Pam I am so anxious to get there - it seems like it is taking forever! How long did the process take for you? Please tell everyone that I am looking forward to meeting them!
Nov 5, 2017
hannah Pam...are you doing a basic 3rd grade there? I never even got on a referral list for anything overseas and was in Germany for 20 years previously!! crazy system!!
Nov 7, 2017
Pam Yes, third grade - my favorite! What did you do in Germany?
Nov 8, 2017
Mary Ask them for the background check person's contact information if they are willing to give it. The Equip form itself should not be taking this long to receive. The background check itself, yes unfortunately.
Nov 10, 2017
SandArt Pam, I got my tentative offer on 4/9. I got my firm offer on 5/22. I got orders very late on 7/10 because I kept e-mailing my firm offer docs and had issues with them not receiving them. In this day an age I don't understand how someone can't manage to download a zip file. Still, I got to school when I wanted. Waiting is stressful, so hugs to you w...See More
Nov 12, 2017

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