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I have a question about how to find out my certs for Dodea. I will submit my application for the 2018-2019 school year this December. I have read the information provided on the website but I am struggling to understand. Will someone decide what I am certified in after I provide transcripts and documentation or will I need to provide the areas I qualify in? Also, could someone give me an idea on what I would be considered certified in?

My background:

Undergrad: Special Education Cross Categorical K-12 (most of my classes are in behavior, assessment, disabilities etc)

Masters (graduate in May 2018): M.S.E. in reading (30 hours-reading specialist, literacy coach, science based reading etc) and Dyslexia therapy endorsement (15 hours)

I am certified in 2 Orton Gillingham reading programs and will bring those programs and all materials with me if I was hired.

Praxised into Elementary education

Praxis in 2018 for Reading specialist/lit...See More
haha Basically, yes. You will submit your transcripts and state certifications and then an HR rep will review them, match them up with DoDEA requirements and then note your application to show what areas DoDEA will consider you certified in.

It's tough to say what areas that will be without knowing what classes your degrees consisted of. Genera...See More
Nov 4, 2017
Bairsped733 Thank you! That was a huge help!
Nov 4, 2017

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