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Can anyone tell me the best thing to do about cell service? Getting ready to go to Japan and I want to make sure I can keep in touch with my family without horrendous roaming charges! Thank you!
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SandArt I like Talkatone. It's free. Also, I sometimes call people via FB messenger. As long as If you have an iPhone with Sprint, you may want to consider just keeping that service. The cell service is not great, but it's good. The phones via Softbank with the base are a complete rip off, and I cannot believe that 1) People get contracts at insane costs. ...See More
Dec 30, 2017
haha @ SandArt: What service do you use?
Dec 30, 2017
Icanread I joined a few Facebook groups for people living in Japan. This question has been asked a lot! AU and Softbank are the 2 companies available where we are headed, and neither has very good reviews... so I have started researching T-mobile and Sprint.
Dec 31, 2017
haha I would imagine coverage/service varies a fair amount by location. We have Softbank and have no complaints about the service, just the price. They are expensive but we were in need of phones when we got here and ended up signing with them.

One negative to Japan is that they can be very closed off when it comes to technology and it is probl...See More
Dec 31, 2017
rcoach SandArt, can you message me? We fly out in two weeks and I had a question about the cell service.
Dec 31, 2017

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