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Soooo... once EQIP comes back ok, does that mean I'll get the final offer and moving date? Or is there another step before that? I'm hoping I get the EQIP ok soon!
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Laura MamaB I'm going to Italy

Icanread I guess the process is slightly different for everyone
Icanread Yes, it is definitely different for everyone!! Plus, since we're all going to different countries, that changes things up too, I'm sure. My start date is Feb 22nd, but if there is a government shutdown, I'm assuming everything will be on hold, since I'm waiting for the CR to pass to get my travel orders.
NewinNaples Laura, where in Italy are you going?
21 hours
Laura Naples
20 hours
NewinNaples That's where we are. Will you be at the elementary school or the HS/MS? My husband teaches at the HS/MS (I sub there sometimes).
12 hours

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