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Short story - I had an interview for a position in Japan this week, the principal was very interested and now my application says "The DoDEA staff is currently processing your application. You will be unable to make changes at this time." During my interview the principal told me to get the job I would need to express that I will get certified in AP Bio. I got a phone call from Virginia yesterday asking me where my AP Bio Cert was and I explained that I do not possess one. Was I supposed to mention in that moment that I have plans to attain one? I left a message explaining that I have intentions to receive one but I got the call in the middle of my Biology lesson and did not want to delve into a discussion like that in front of my students.

Also I read about a timeline from interview to orders. I could not find this could someone link me with that timeline?

My last question is about benefits. I am a mil spouse and I understand the benefits of the military but I am no...See More
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HistoryTeacher If you don't have the AP Bio already, unfortunately I don't think it is possible to get it until summertime. You can try searching on the AP website for training, but DoDEA requires something like a 30-hour institute, and they are usually only offered in the summer. Good luck!
yesterday, 2018
Couple of Questions When my husband was offered his position (2 years ago), during one interview, they asked if he'd be willing to get AP Environmental Science certified. He said yes. During the 2nd interview, he was asked if he would get AP Chemistry certified. He said yes. He was offered the job, and got certified in both that summer before we headed over (and is cu...See More
Jan 18, 2018
mcbarrie Thank you for all of the help! Is it normal to have a second interview? My interview was a week and a half ago and I still haven't heard anything. On the plus side my application is still frozen! How long does this part usually take?
Jan 19, 2018
haha It's not the usual way things go (if there is such a thing with DoDEA) but it's not unheard of.

Once your application is frozen it is generally a few days until you get a tentative offer (if one is coming). Up to two weeks would not be wildly out of the ordinary. After that, you might want to try calling HR and asking if they can shed any ...See More
Jan 19, 2018
Icanread Is it possible they are waiting for the CR/budget stuff to go through before offering you the job? I got my firm offer this week, but my HR rep told me they are waiting for the CR to pass before they send me my travel orders.
Jan 19, 2018

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