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If you are stateside, are there doctors on base that you can use or do you have to use off base doctors? We're interested in a few areas that aren't really near any big cities.
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Mar 9, 2018
haha Sigh. If anyone can start a new post, could you please ask if we can get the site fixed anytime soon?

As for the question, I don't know for certain. My understanding is that stateside teachers do not generally have base privileges for medical facilities unless they have some military connection through a spouse. I am not sure if that is th...See More
Mar 9, 2018
IsItFriday? No, you do not use the base medical clinic/hospital.

The Ddess teachers are federal employees with FEHB (medical insurance) and can avail themselves of whatever doctors/clinics/HMOs offbase that agree to accept their insurance.

If you are headed to a rural area and have special needs, then it's important that you do your research ...See More
Mar 10, 2018
tabmg This may vary by base- when I was in Okinawa I saw a doctor on base, in Korea as well. In the UK we used the local medical system- by choice- but once went to the base ER on Lakenheath. My daughter also received additional vaccines on base because the base schools require the full US list and UK health services does not administer all of those. I d...See More
Mar 13, 2018
haha Yes, most bases overseas offer at least some medical base access for teachers (although they are making it more difficult/inconvenient in many locations).

The OP's question was really about DoDEA teachers on stateside bases.
Mar 13, 2018

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