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I was referred for a position in Europe and is this a sit back and wait situation or should I directly email the principal by resume/cover letter? I'm not sure really what to do and I've been a public school teacher for 13 years - this is my first referral. Any helps, suggestions, and advice welcome. TIA!
Wunschdenken In my opinion, yes, email the principal and asst principal if applicable. A short email with specific qualifications that makes you stand out. I would not send an attachment (resume/cover letter) as all this information is on EAS and time is precious for everyone. It seems that referrals are different this year with fewer going out. So, I say, be p...See More
Jun 13, 2018
haha I would agree.
Jun 13, 2018
Snoochiesboochies Thank you both for the advice, I went ahead and emailed the administration at the school. How long after a referral does an applicant typically get asked for an interview?
Jun 13, 2018
haha Hours to never (with a few days to a few weeks being fairly typical).
Jun 13, 2018

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