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What are the pros/cons of living in Japan or South Korea? If you've lived in both places, where do you prefer and why?
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Mary I have friends who have lived in Korea and loved it. They would go back in a heartbeat. They found the trains there less expensive and easier to use. They also loved the food. The downside to Korea is the air quality. If you have asthma, it could be an issue. Also, if you don't like spicy food, you may not enjoy the cuisine.

I personally L...See More
Jun 21, 2019
educatormama Thanks Mary and haha for sharing your insight! I've heard people referring a few times to their application being frozen. Does that mean they can't log in at all or can just can't make changes to their app? I'm still getting referral emails, I assume that is a sign that I have not been chosen for a position?
Jun 21, 2019
Mary When you access your application you see an alert that says your application is not available at this time (something like that). I cannot remember the exact words, but you will be unable to make changes. Usually this happens before you receive an offer.
Jun 21, 2019
haha It means that you have not been chosen for a position YET. I would say it is too early to give up on these two positions.
Jun 21, 2019
educatormama Thanks Mary and haha, I'm still optimistic just trying my best to be patient as well :)
Jun 21, 2019

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