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Which location is preferable and why?
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Limes Stateside commissary and px sales have been declining at many stateside locations. Here at Ft. Knox many choose to go off post and head straight to Walmart for groceries etc. Since we do live on post we would love to shop on post and support our commissary.
Jul 17
Mary @Limes, the commissary and Exchange will check your ID. They will let you know that you cannot shop there. Your CAC must indicate on it that you are eligible to use these facilities. Someone on TDY from overseas for example, will have on their CAC that they can access these facilities overseas and their travel orders may indicate they can use them ...See More
Jul 17
ecd5 @Limes which elementary school do parents typically prefer?
Jul 18
Mary If you are referring to Fort Knox, one is 21st century school building with hubs of classrooms where all the noise can be heard and distractions seen, so some students thrive on this and others become overwhelmed. You need to consider the needs of your own child before deciding on housing.
Jul 18
ecd5 @Mary I was thinking about Ft. Campbell, but I think they have the same situation-one newer school and one older. Good point about the 21st century school building! Thanks

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