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Could someone tell me what the follow job title entails? (Open) mixed teacher specialist.
educatormama I interviewed onced for a mixed teacher position at DODEA. They explained that it means they have multiple grade levels available and you interview and they decide which grade level to put you in. My mixed interview was for either a 3rd or 4th grade position
haha I would have said something similar but the "specialist" part is making me go, hmmm. Mixed is fairly common but I would have thought that it would have specified what kind of specialist they were talking about. I'm SPED and everything I received had a teaching category number, What area are you certified in?
Jul 17
sugarcubews Well I contacted someone at HR about the position. It is for mild learning disability and Emotionally Impaired.
haha Ah, OK. Well, that kind of makes sense, although generally they would have just listed the category numbers for both of those cert areas.

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