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What is the start pay in Japan for someone with a master's in elementary education and 3 years of teaching experience?
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afwife It appears that stateside Step 4 is $63,222.
Jul 20, 2019
HelpOthers Make sure you are looking at the 18-19 pay scale for both. Step 4 on the stateside scale at $63,222 is for a teacher with a masters degree.

Stateside step 4 is equivalent to overseas step 5, because stateside with 0 experience starts on step 0 and overseas with 0 experience starts on step 1. Overseas, Step 5 for a teacher with a Masters D...See More
Jul 20, 2019
JD @ Mary, thank you
Jul 20, 2019
JD @ Mary, thank you! You are a lot of help
Jul 20, 2019
HelpOthers @John Doe, you are welcome. @afwife, they may not have been including your non-DoDEA experience.Talk to HR or whoever your contact person is for the offer to request the change in step. 2 years of non-DoDEA plus 2 years of DoDEA would place you on step 4 stateside and step 5 overseas. Send them a copy of your employment verification form that was u...See More
Jul 21, 2019

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