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Just for clarification for next year:

When they send the email in the winter saying it's time to update your account, you suggest deleting all your old files and then re uploading them? I want to make sure i have the best chance next season. Thanks.
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dodhopeful Thanks all. I will do that when the e-mail comes out for next year. I did not do that this year. However, I did get 3 referrals and calls in 2017 after having done nothing to my uploaded files since 2012. I will make sure I do it for next year...
dodhopeful looks like I may have shot myself in the foot for this past year...I DID reupload my files in 2017, because I had a new degree and new state teaching licenses...
Aug 19
Icanread You can go delete and re-upload them now. It's possible that it will help you secure a job this year, as there are still openings and referrals that could go out.
dodhopeful icanread I just did it. Don't know if that will help...but I'll make sure I do it next year!
Snow Lane I had the same experience as Mary and CMC. Reuploaded due to name change and bam, interviews and hired that year.

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