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So just curious is DoD form 1614 the "Request Civilian Permanent Duty Relocation... Etc." your "orders"?

And if so I guess I'm headed out soon!
haha Woohoo! Yes, that is them.
Aug 19, 2019
educatormama FYI, once you get your orders you have only 7 days to travel to your location. So be sure you are on top of getting on the travel plans. Check your orders to make sure there are no errors. I'm on my 3rd set of orders because of mistakes and they keep pushing back my travel date
Aug 20, 2019
Angela @educatormama, once you receive your orders, you only have 7 days to travel? What about the shopping of all of your things? I thought we had a few weeks after receiving final PCS orders?
Sep 8, 2019
haha Yeah, I wasn't really sure what she meant by that when she posted the comment about 7 days so I just let it pass.

Your orders generally have a travel on or about date and you should have +/- 10 days to travel from that date. The on or about date should be far enough out so that you do have time to arrange your pack out, etc.

Of co...See More
Sep 8, 2019

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