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I am trying to determine how years of verifiable work experience translate to DODEA steps for pay? Does everyone start at Step 1? Even teachers with, say, 20 years experience? How do I figure out how much I might get paid, if I were to be selected to teach for DODEA?
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Stacyslp Questionsallday, I'm not overseas yet (heading to Japan from California), and I'm still working at my current school district in Cali. We're looking to get to Japan near the end of October. I'm still trying to get the official orders finalized, which I was told last week on Friday the orders have been drafted and they're at headquarters for review ...See More
Sep 10, 2019
Linda Typically, how long does it take to move from one step to the next on the pay scale? Also, do you automatically move from 1 step to the next, or is dependent upon certain reviews?
Sep 11, 2019
Snow Lane You move automatically between steps each year.
Sep 11, 2019
haha Agree. Until you get to Step 14. Then you are on a Step for 4 years before moving up.
Sep 11, 2019
questionsallday @stacySLP I'm moving in 2 weeks. Everything is pretty much set. :)
Sep 11, 2019

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