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Is Cuba considered stateside or overseas?
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BeyondHopeful @Haha ^ Is that true?^
Sep 17
Connie Correct, you can't leave the base to go into Cuba. The base is Guantanamo Bay, there is no entry point between the base and Cuba. You can leave the base to fly other places but the flights are limited only a few a week and I think only back to Miami (allow that I am not totally sure on that).
haha Yep. It's a closed base at this point in time. If that ever changes it will likely be a very popular posting.
BeyondHopeful Thank you
Sep 17
Mary Cuba is supported by DoDEA Americas because of location, just as Guam is supported by DoDEA Pacific South. However, Cuba is considered a foreign country with all those entitlements and Guam is considered a US Territory. The only additional benefits in Guam (that Stateside don't get) is relocation benefits and permission to use commissary and Exchan...See More
Sep 21

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