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I have several qualifications pending on my application. They have been pending for 5 months now. I just noticed that one of my qualifications was verfified, but none of the others. Is that norrmal? Does it take a while for all of them to be verified? I would have thought they all would have been done at the same time. Also, I read somewhere that in November we need to reapply. Does that mean you go through the pending phase all over again? I have given up hope for this year, but hopeful for next year!
haha It's not that unusual. It's not that common. There is really is no rhyme or reason to some of the things that HR does and does not do. Sometimes some areas are deemed a priority and they apparently go through and process just those. Something may come of it, something may not. When in doubt, call or write and see if anyone can give you an answer or...See More
Sep 23, 2019

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