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Hey ya'll,

I currently live overseas in Korea and have a masters degree in middle childhood education and an expired teaching license (expired in 2015.) I've been teaching ESL classes over here for a few years and am committed to staying in Korea for a long time. I was considering renewing my teaching license and applying for a DoDEA teaching position in Korea; the only issue is I have to take 6 credit hours of continued education to renew my license with the Ohio department of education. From browsing the cost based on classes offered this could cost me a bit of money; so before I took the plunge I was hoping to get a general idea on the chances of getting an interview/job offer for a position when it would essentially be my first teaching position outside of student teaching when I was getting my license.
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BeyondHopeful No. I was placed on a referral list through the EAS system
warmachine7954 Do you have to have an active license to teach in DoDEA? I think they certify you through their system and you go from there. I was a local hire at SAMS (schools is now closed) from 2012-2014 taught ESL with EPIK from 2008-12. I lived near Daegu and moved to Seoul for the DoDDS position. I can't remember if my TN license was expired before I got hi...See More
Snow Lane What school referred you for an instructional coach position? Those are pretty much unheard of in DoDEA, so I'm curious.
Oct 10
BeyondHopeful Hainerberg ES
Oct 10
BeyondHopeful Hainerberg ES
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