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Once you are hired as a DoDea teacher, how easy/difficult is to transfer to another DoDea school in a different country? I am assuming you have to complete a time requirement.
sillyrabbit Thanks! I was going to ask the same question.
Oct 20, 2019
haha Well, at the moment it's virtually impossible because they suspended the transfer program last year and have not re-instated it. Someone posted on the FB page that they were at a town meeting with the Director earlier this year and he said there would be a transfer program but it would look very different. So, right now it's all rumor and speculati...See More
Oct 20, 2019
haha And if you were talking about getting hired stateside and then moving overseas, there has never been a transfer program that included DoDEA Americas. Some people think you have a better chance of being hired for overseas positions as an Americas employee, some people have tired it and had less luck.

Maybe the new program (presuming there i...See More
Oct 20, 2019
Icanread I second Haha's comments. Only accept a position in a location where you could live for 8-10 years. I wish I had been told that info before being hired. There is no way to move without a transfer round, and those seem to be few and far between (every 3-5 years with only 20% of teachers who apply for a transfer actually get a transfer). It's not lik...See More
Oct 20, 2019

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