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The DODEA website says that "one year of successful full-time employment as an educator" can substitute for the student teach requirement. Does one year teaching NJROTC at High School meet this requirement?

Also, is there any benefit to taking PRAXIS subject exams (like Business or Social Studies), or is the DODEA only concerned about PRAXIS I/II?

haha If it was a full time teaching position, then it should. In general, once you have met the PRAXIS part of the requirements, then further testing not very useful (unless stated for certain specialized positions). As always, when in doubt, ask HR or just complete your EAS and see what they come back with.
Nov 22, 2019
LolaTeach I took the Praxis for ESL, HR wouldn't accept it. I had to go back and add credit hours in order for them to add it to my license. I could've saved the time and money and only taken the courses, had I known.
Nov 23, 2019

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