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I have two questions for people already in the system. I have been offered an overseas position.

1.) How does the travel allowance work? I believe that it is every two years and to your "home of record"? Do they monitor where you go with it? Or can you use it to travel to other places? Is it a sum of money that gets added to your paycheck? Or do you apply for reimbursement?

2.) Based on what I've read, since I would be a "new government employee," it seems like I wouldn't be eligible for RITA to be reimbursed for the taxes on my move and temporary housing benefits. Is there anyone who can speak to this? I know that there are people on this board who just joined DODEA OCONUS this year, or maybe veteran teachers who are in the know. :)
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someday RJ -- can you provide us a little more information about your move so we can get an idea. I am also waiting! boohoo... How many people? How many pounds did you ship and what was the bill for that? I know we will have about 29% due on the bill.
Dec 6, 2019
RJ No problem, 5 people, 9,000 lbs, East coast. The percentage looks correct based on what I've seen on the DFAS webpage.
Dec 8, 2019
Frank RJ, do you need to pay your bill to the IRS, or to DoDEA? I moved last year and I'm still waiting for my bill, and trying to get an idea of what the process for paying it will be. Thanks.
Dec 10, 2019
RJ Good question, it depends. After October you pay DODEA, before that, you pay the IRS. Google DFAS RITA, although you may not be eligible for RITA, the website has a lot of info about who and how to pay. Not all amended W-2s have gone out yet.
Dec 10, 2019
HelpOthers The newly signed National Defense Authorization Act allows new government hires to also receive RITA. The travel allowance for relocation and the one for renewal agreement travel (RAT) are based on actual expenses. For RAT, you must go to the USA, but if going to a location other than your home of record, you pay the difference if the cost is great...See More
Dec 24, 2019

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