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I currently work for DoDEA, I received 2 referrals for two AP openings. I contacted the principals with a very short email and also attached my current resume. I am wondering if this was a good idea or does it come off as unprofessional? TIA
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Lindsey I am curious if you receive a response. I have never done it myself but considered it since the last referral I had listed the specific school. Please let us know if you heard back/received an interview. Best of luck!!
Jan 13
elvato Lindsey, I have not received a response. After doing more research just to learn more about the process, and as Snow Lane stated in his response, superintendents conduct interviews for administration openings. Most places will have the principal sit in, but he/she does not play a big role, if at all. I am wondering if I should contact the superinte...See More
Jan 16
Lindsey Elvato thank you for the update. I agree that contacting the superintendent sounds more promising. I am not internal and even though I have been referred for every single admin position I have applied for I have yet to have one interview. I am trying another route now...was just hired on as a teacher. Maybe I will have better that luck that way in ...See More
Jan 17
Icanread I would venture to say that most principals and assistants are hired from within Dodea. Not all of them... but most. Dodea is a unique system and there's a lot to learn about how it works. So being a teacher first is a great way to get your foot in the door and start to learn the system.

If you're applying as an outsider, I would read eve...See More
Jan 18
haha I would agree, as far as principals go. With AP's it is definitely more of a mix in my limited experience (although I would love to be able to see some actual data on the subject).
Jan 19

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