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Hello all,

I received my start date of March 2nd today. For all the current DoDDS folks...what do you think is an appropriate time to arrive there? I have PCS'd before with my husband a few times before he passed but it was stateside. I am heading to Germany and curious as to how much time you all think I will need to get everything in order ie. get my drivers license, house hunt some, and get somewhat settled/organized. Will there be a lot of in processing tasks that I will need to complete upon arrival? I am pretty flexible at my current job so I can leave whenever really of course so long as it is within orders time frame and passports are back.
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someday I would definitely contact your sponsor and have them set up a JKO account for you to take the German Driver's license course. The practice test is 200 questions and then the actual test is 100. It takes hours and hours. You can do it before you arrive online.
Jan 15
Icanread Wow!! The drivers test in Germany sounds intense. The one in my location in Japan was ridiculously easy.

I traveled 24 hours to get to my location, got off the plane at 9:00 at night, and was expected to be at work the next morning. Two weeks ahead of time sounds much better!!
Jan 15
haha Yes, loved the colored pictures/diagrams where you had to decide if the car, the tractor or the horse-drawn wagon had the right away at the roundabout. :S :)
Jan 15
haha *right of way
Jan 15
Lindsey @someday woah that is nuts!! I better get on that now. @icanread oh my the next day?? I would be a zombie. @haha I have only lived in very big cities...sounds like there will be a bit of a culture shock for me lol
Jan 16

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