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What is the trick to uploading official transcripts? I had it figured out for last years application but can't remember what I did. Each time the PDF is uploaded it says 'invalid'.
Connie I believe that the trick is that it says invalid but it actually isn't. The invalid has something to do with the name of the file not the actually upload. When you click on the link that says invalid does it pull up a copy of your transcripts?
Jan 16
lovetotalkslp Got it. Yes it pulls up the correct copy, it just made me nervous when it said 'invalid'. Thank you!
Jan 16
Icanread The problem is actually the word "scripts" that you probably included in the description of the file or the file name. I changed it to "Trans-cripts" because "invalid" was bothering me!

On the Legal Notice page that you have to click on before you login, it says "In an effort to mitigate Cross Site Scripting(XSS) attacks, all data entered ...See More
Jan 16

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