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Hi there! I think there are a couple of SLPs out there who could help. I was recently deemed unqualified to apply as a Speech Language Pathologist for the DODea program. The reason was stated: "1/15/2020 RS- Along with a State Board of Health SLP certificate, need evidence of completion for SLP internship in a school setting. Otherwise, the Praxis I tests are required or a SLP license issued by a State Board of Education is required."

I have a state license to practice Speech Language Pathology in Texas and have worked in the Texas schools for the past 3 years as a Speech-Language Pathologist. However, in Texas, the license is issued by the Board of Speech Language Pathology and not the Texas Education Agency. I also have a Virginia state license as a School Speech Language Pathologist and practice teletherapy for that state, but again, this is no longer issued by the Virginia Board of Education as of 2014. I also have my national license and CCC-SLP designation from ASHA. Are...See More
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Soda I didn't intend for that answer to sound so negative! I need more coffee! Lol
haha Those numbers do sound crazy big compared to what we have and what I have seen/heard from other schools (Japan and previously in Europe at relatively small schools/complexes).

Did you see/hear that our IEP platform contract is up for renewal. I have very mixed emotions about this one potentially ending and getting a new one (the devil you ...See More
SLPnyc @soda - you don't need to mention school specifically, but what country are you located in?
Soda @haha yes! I have never had such a hard time picking up a new program before! Makes me feel incompetent. I'm stateside in the southeast district.
Mary An internship is accepted, so likely employment verification with a reference from a mentor or evaluator would suffice.

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