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Hello! I submitted my application on EAS over 3 months ago, and both of my certification areas still show pending. All of my boxes on the application are checked green, including "submit application" but nothing has changed in all this time. Does this seem like a normal time frame that I may still be waiting in line for my qualifications to be approved? Thanks!
Cookie I reached out to HR for the same reason. They said that they have 1000s of applications to go through, so they will try to get to them when they can. It will not prevent you from being referred for those jobs and at that time, they will evaluate your qualifications.
Jan 21
haha It's true that it's not that uncommon these days for HR to take months to determine an applicant is qualified or unqualified (if they even get around to it). As posted, the good news is that it apparently won't stop you from being considered for positions.

The bad news is that you might get all the way to an interview or even an offer, on...See More
Jan 22
Lindsey @witeacher my qualifications were pending for a year and a half. I finally called someone and got them to take a look. They emailed someone for me and it was qualified within the week. They kept telling me that I would still receive referrals but I did not receive one during that time frame. Could have been my combo of certs who knows?
Jan 22

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