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After waiting for a referral to Japan for two years I opened my selection world wide. I received a referral to Naples today for ms social studies and ms general science. I have been teaching hs social studies for the past 7 years so that's probably not in my favor. However, I have been teaching at an alternative middle/high school where I currently have 5 preps and a very transitory student population. Im hoping this will be in my favor, along with my veterans preference. Im convinced that the VP is next to worthless though. So I've been away from this chatboard for about 7 months depressed about not being in Japan yet. I was wondering is the processing time still incredibly slow from referral to classroom? Is an interview now likely to result with starting next school year?
haha Just more proof that the universe has a sense of humor. Many people dying to get into Europe get the Pacific and you have the potential to get Naples, when you really want Japan.

It's always difficult to predict the thinking of admin/HR, but if they are interviewing NOW, then they will likely want to get the person processed and in place a...See More
Jan 23
Lindsey I would say that the position is for this year. I was just referred in November and going through the process now. For reference I was interviewed on 12/4, offered tentatively 12/17, and received my firm offer 1/17. I am still waiting for orders though. My tentative start date is 3/2. Good luck!
Jan 23
Cookie If you get to the interview stage, you have very high chances with VP. Principals have to provide written justification to HR for not selecting you, many choose not to go through this process. You may want to research Naples, it's not for everyone.
Jan 23

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