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Let me just say this HR rep is fantastic! I have been following this board for a few years so I have heard some horror stories. My rep is super friendly, responsive, and even reaches out when she has no news just to communicate and let me know where we are in the process. Right now I am waiting on orders. She emailed a couple days ago to remind me to send her my orders and travel info once I receive it. She says she will follow up with them if I haven't heard from them within 10 days of her submitting. 10 days will be Monday.

I am hoping to get orders soon. I am nervous about getting the orders and not being able to schedule a pack out soon enough. It shouldn't be that busy of a time right now though so that might be in my favor. I am tentatively supposed to start work on March 2nd so I was hoping to get out there a couple weeks ahead of time to get situated. That would require me to pack out two weeks from now. That seems like a push. We will see.
Icanread CHRA (Civilian HR Agency) just recently took over a lot of our HR duties, and I have heard they are very responsive. So hopefully it stays that way!
Lindsey Me too!
Jan 30
haha I too have had good experience with getting more timely responses lately. Fingers crossed that it continues.
Jan 30

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