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Hi all just wondering how many schools Dodea are planning on closing this coming year. Also what is the turnover like with media specialists, I'm just wondering what the chances of openings coming open this year. Thanks a bunch in advance.
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haha I don't recall seeing any final decision on 3 MS schools closing, but could be wrong/have missed it. Please post the link if you remember where you saw it.
Feb 15
Connie I believe that 3 middle schools are combining into Kaiserslautern Middle School. I don't really know how a combination impacts number of positions. I think there were excesses but some people just got moved to the combined school.
Feb 15
haha Ah, that makes more sense. Yeah, I guess it would depend on how big the combined school actually is/will be. Also, often Information Specialists (and most teachers really) will have multiple certs so it is possible other IS teachers were/will be placed within complex teaching other subjects rather than in other schools as an IS.
Feb 15
IsItFriday? There's just one school closing this year. It's last day is scheduled for June 09. It's not being combined, or constructed, or moved, or anything else. It will simply shut. The official announcement was months ago.
Feb 16
haha Croughton?
Feb 16

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