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Hi! I just got my final job offer and have a start date of March 30. I'm waiting for my PCS orders but wanted to start working on my timeline (selling car, vacating rental, etc) I'd like to arrive at my new location (Germany) about a week before my first day of work to get settled in to temporary lodging, getting son enrolled in school, etc. Is March 30 the first day I'm expected to start work, and so my travel time will be the week prior? Or, do the travel days start March 30, and I would start working the week or so after that? Thank you!
haha "Normally", your start date should be the date you are expected to be at your new post and available to begin work (subject to/working around admin tasks you need to complete to get settled in and be able to live/do your job). Your actual first day of work/teaching responsibilities would generally be discussed with your principal, based upon the sc...See More
bem haha: Thank you for the information. As always, you are a great source of information!
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