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I'm considering a return stateside and wondered what the timing had to be on that. Obviously, I would finish the school year. But must I leave right away? Or does it matter when I leave over the summer? Does anyone on here know the rules for that?
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Kim I am new, what is RAT? Thanks in advance.
Mar 11
Kim I am new, what is RAT? Thanks in advance.
Mar 11
haha RAT=Renewal Agreement Travel. Basically, the paid round trip travel you generally get to your Home of Record (HoR) everyone one or two years, depending on your location.
Mar 11
Icanread This is a great resource for all the acronyms you may need to learn - But I don't think the list includes all the additional military acronyms! I'm still learning most of them!!
Mary Your LQA ends immediately. Many people have received debt letters later for staying longer than the end of the school-year. The government usually arranges your return flights, so you may need to discuss with the TMO office how to delay your return flight.

In Japan, you have 60 days from the time your SOFA status ends to find new employmen...See More

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