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I saw in a recent post that someone had stated, that reloading documents to the document section generate referrals. Has anyone else found this to be true?
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Jay Thank you. I did reload my teaching certs, but I don't think you can reload transcripts because they have to be official and mailed to the DODEA HR office correct? What exactly did you re-load
Feb 25
dodhopeful Jay - I did not send in transcripts...I made a PDF of all my transcripts...I plan on sending them in if I'm hired...
Feb 25
Jay Are those the documents that you re-uploaded? Did you end up getting a hire after the referral?
Feb 25
dodhopeful The only documents I reload every year are my 5 state licenses, my college transcripts, and my PRAXIS scoresheet. That ended up being my only referral for the year and it was a part-time job :(
Feb 25
Icanread I would even go so far as to say that you should re-upload them on a monthly basis. Try it for a few months and see if it triggers more referrals.
Feb 25

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