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I'm currently in Okinawa and have started subbing at KES, although now it has died down since schools are closed. My EAS application has finally been processed as well and I'm K-6 qualified. I haven't received an email about being on a referral list but the school secretary reached out saying I was on the list and was wondering if I would be interested in teaching kinders for the remainder of the school year. Meaning that sometime later she would send me an email about interviews. Plus, it is a 21st century school with the open floor concept with shared space between two classes and of course co-teaching.

Any thoughts or experiences with this? I'm a military spouse so I had to leave my class mid-year and not being in the classroom is driving me crazy!! I feel like I'm off to a good start with building connections within the school through subbing, but I honestly never thought I would teach lower than 4th.

Thank you in advance!!
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okihope @Icanread I was wondering with some of the states going to online school the rest of the year, do you think Okinawa will follow along? I know we are one of the safest locations but if other states or overseas schools decide to go with the flow, what do you think our chances are?
Mar 28
Icanread From my experience, it's not that easy to grade hop within elementary. Take a job that you can stay in for a few years. You generally must stay in the same position for 2 years before you can request a move to another school.

School is out in Okinawa. We just finished our first week of online school. I'm recording videos and updating lesso...See More
okihope @Icanread That's what I've been wondering. Especially since it is now Airmen on Kadena. :(
Mar 28
HelpOthers Okinawa was originally going to return to the classroom after spring break on 4/13. However, that is currently on hold. We do not know the return to school date and of course it COULD go the remaining nine weeks of school. It's possible they could hire you due to the lack of need for relocation and once you pick up the laptop and other supplies, co...See More
okihope @Mary I can only imagine. With upper grades it has to be a lot easier on the student and parents. Whereas the kinders are so dependent on their parents. We will see how it goes! I'll keep you posted!

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