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I've MA+30 and am qualified for ELA, ESL, and Chinese. I've passed all the praxis and foreign language proficiency tests. But I don't have a state teacher license. I am wondering if I should keep studying more credits for other qualifications or get another MA that leads to a state license (e.g. elementary ed). I taught third graders for a year off base, and I have just started subbing at a high school on base (I subbed for 2 weeks & now the school is suspended T.T).

I am wondering which next step I should take to increase my chances of being hired? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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Bluepillows @lolateach Thanks for your feedback! I am gonna check it. Actually which HR email do you all use to ask questions? I don't seem to be contacting the right person...
Mar 29
haha Apparently Teacher Ready allows overseas candidates:

Can I still participate in the program if I live overseas? Yes. We have many students participating in the TeacherReady Program who are living overseas. You will participate in the program like other students who reside in the USA. In order to complete your field experiences, you will ne...See More
Mar 29
teacher42 You can also complete the Teach Now program from overseas. I know a few people who completed without ever going to the US.
Bluepillows @haha Thank you! I sent them an email and asked a few questions.
Mar 29
HelpOthers Do you have the criteria already to qualify for a state educator certificate? Check several states.

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