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I just had an interview and I'm pretty sure it went terribly. It is what it is, but I'm wondering, do the principals communicate and discuss candidates? Like are they going to be telling other principals "Don't interview this woman! She did awful!"? also, they asked 14 questions in 30 minutes and 13 of them were questioned that I have not had in my other interviews.
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DODEA or Bust @haha, I remembered 2 more: as an educator, do you think you can force children to respect you? What do you find most challenging in teaching children?
Mar 31, 2020
haha Thanks. Got it!
Mar 31, 2020
olivieateaches @Just wondering, I'm sure you did better than I did. Mine wasn't even 30 minutes long. Also it didn't help the fact that I was in the middle of my morning work out routine when they called ... I misread the email and thought the interview was a lot later of the day. OOPS! At least it wasn't a video interview. Ha! Let's stay positive. :)
Apr 1, 2020
DODEA or Bust @olivieateaches, thank you
Apr 1, 2020
HelpOthers I found it helpful to have my laptop open and type the questions, because I can type faster than I can write. Make sure to answer the entire question. Making sure to answer the entire question is one step in the right direction. They cannot answer your questions about the question, so make sure you understand it. Take your time answering and try to...See More
Apr 4, 2020

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