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I spoke with a princiall on the phone yesterday. I guess you could say it was a pre-interview. I had a LOT of questions for him and he was amazing to talk to. He wants me to

interview, but I'm still deciding due to the location. I have a two year old son, so I have to be wise. So my question is about transfer rounds. I specifically asked him about that and he said that transferring worldwide is possible. Others on our board have said differently. So, not I'm confused. How do transfer rounds usually work? Do those people have priority? Thanks!!!
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IsItFriday? @haha

Union lists.

Back when we had Transfer Rounds (The Good Old Days) the union kept a very close watch on the each round of The Transfer Round.

The union made every effort to track every vacancy, and then to ensure that those vacancies were accounted for in The Transfer Round.

These was necessary to curb Adm...See More
May 23
haha Oh, I'm a member. I just don't recall (and have never been able to find on the FEA website) any post-transfer break down lists by SCD, at least since I have been in (8ish years). The only breakdowns I have even seen are by Group/Category.

While I don't doubt a substantial chunk of people who received transfers over the years had an older ...See More
May 23
IsItFriday? @haha

I don't disagree with your personal experience. I will admit that I haven't kept copies of that union data. If interested call the union HQ and ask for the numbers. I hesitate slightly, as I'm unsure how they titled that data.

But I am very confident in the following

Bottom line- "Substantial chunk" is a big under-e...See More
May 24
haha I seem to recall that my 2nd year in they brought the transfer round "back" in limited form after a two(?) year hiatus. Since then, other than these past (two?) years, I feel like there was some type of transfer program every year (except one?), but wouldn't swear to it (the years do start to blend together).

I agree that since I have been...See More
May 24
IsItFriday? We're in basic agreement.

Can someone verify my memory, as yes, they years do blend together.

I am confident there were no transfer rounds in

2013 2014 2019 2020

That's fully 50% of the past eight years. Did I miss a year? Was another transfer round also postponed/canceled/eliminated? Are there mistakes on my lis...See More
May 24

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