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I bought a Jeep from a veteran today. I talked about how I was trying to get in with DoDEA. He immediately said Okinawa, you want to go to Okinawa. He was there for seven years, and spent time in Europe as well. The Jeep I bought actually spent time in Germany. Anyway, he said Europe was fine, but to him Okinawa was heaven. Just found it all interesting. His wife worked in DoDEA, and he said it's about who you know sometimes. Well, I need to up my networking game then.
haha Many people do seem to love Oki. Some find it to be too much like living on one big base/little America (although some people like that) and/or get island fever after a while. I can't really speak to it one way or the other, having never made it there, yet.

As for networking, it certainly can't hurt and may help in some cases. But, the rea...See More
May 23
IsItFriday? @haha


The networking stuff is for Admin and Senior Admin type positions.

Teachers are just worker bees. To a principal on the promotion ladder, a teacher is a just a warm bag of certs, that he can squeeze into whatever position keeps as many people as possible happy, and reflects well on him.
May 23
DjFio I used to live on Oki as a dependent. I loved it too, but not as much as mainland Japan. However, maybe it may have changed for me as an adult now and I haven't been back in 10 years. The only hard thing I remember was there being no direct flights back to US as you'd have to stop by Narita usually. Either way, if I had a chance to live there again...See More
May 23

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