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I currently work at a DDESS school where many teachers would like to go overseas. Rumor has it many teachers are holding off on retirement until travel ban is lifted as they don't want to get stuck overseas and forfeit their benefits (LQA etc). For teachers currently overseas, have you seen/herd this to be the case at your school?
IsItFriday? Well, yes and no.

Because I don't think it's really a problem.

DoD has travel restrictions in place, but people are still traveling. That's why DoD also has 14-day quarantine guidelines in place at various locations for members who are returning from deployments etc.

Yes, lots of unnecessary travel has been canceled.
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RJ Someone in my school in Japan is retiring. She will fly out the weekend after school is out. Already packed out and everything.
May 23
Shawna11 So, if they are waiting to officially retire until the last day of the school year, can principals begin hiring for their anticipated vacancy? I just thought they give the school notice hat they will retire and the school plans accordingly. What about teachers who are pcsing with spouses? Would they potentially not inform the school/hr until they a...See More
May 23
RJ They can inform the school, but the resignation wouldn't begin until the last day of school, unless their orders (as a spouse for example) would require them to PCS sooner. The principal cannot create a job request until that position is vacant, no overlap.
May 23
Ida People who are separating from the government (retiring or quitting) so do not have are not tied to the travel ban.
May 23

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