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Well, I've lurked long enough... I have a few questions for any SLP, OT, Counselors, or Psychs who may be here...

1)In the public sector, some providers serve multiple schools and are interviewed by district personnel. I understand this site is geared more toward teachers, but for others, does the principal still conduct your interview, or is it someone from outside the school, an ISS maybe?

2)Does anyone remember their interview questions? I can imagine what a few might be, just curious about what I could be forgetting.

3) I guess I'm having a hard time with knowing* if the position I'm looking for is available in the locations I selected? Is there a way to tell? Either way, I threw my name into the hat! Like most everyone here, this is my dream job!

Thanks for reading.
haha In my experience (as a SPED teacher in two different schools and from what I have heard/read), SLP's and School Psychologists being shared between schools is fairly common (School Counselors also possible, but less common). I have heard of interviews for all 3 positions being conducted by principals (even when shared between schools, specialists ar...See More
MP Haha, you are somewhat of a legend on this forum, so I appreciate your response. You gave me much better insight than I had before, so thank you. My original post was not meant to discount anyone's perspective, so I apologize if it came off that way! I have zero frame of reference outside of public schools, and get the sense that DoDea has some mar...See More
May 30
haha That's what happens when you start posting, spend 4-5 years trying to get hired, and 8sih plus more years posting after being hired. It becomes a hobby. Has it really been THAT long? Wow. :S

But yes, the vast majority of positions are not advertised and being hired with DoDEA has been compared to hitting the lottery (I think one of my firs...See More
Frank I interviewed a few times for psych positions (to be shared between schools). #1 - sometimes just one principal interviewed me. Sometimes the iss, both principals, and other specialists were all in on the interview. #2 - I don't really remember the questions. Some about counseling, FBAs, adapting to challenges. #3 - There's really know way of of kn...See More

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