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@haha (or anyone with input), I apologize because we discussed SPED positions a few months back. But, I'm prepping for an interview (yay!!). What population of students are considered Moderate/Severe according to DODEA? Thank you for being such a valuable resource to all of us!
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MsW Wow I would be confused too!!! What an entirely unique experience. And now the hard part, the waiting....good luck and keep us posted! We are a cohort and I wanna know where everybody ends up!
haha That is interesting (almost like a pre-screening for the short list). I've experienced those with int'l schools haven't really seen/heard of it with DoDEA. Maybe give it one more day and then follow up with the principal. If you are feeling bold then pick up a phone and try calling. If they are hesitating, try giving them a reason to give you the c...See More
Missamy @mswatson and @haha They contacted my referenexes last night AND set up an interview!!! I have five days to prepare:)))!!
haha Nice! Try to breathe! And get some sleep!
MsW wonderful!! I'm so excited for you!

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